October 18, 2008

 Its a wonder we never met before we did... we went to the same elementary school, rode the same school bus, attended the same middle school for a year, and were members of the same church youth group. After years of crossing paths, we officially met in the Spring of 2006 through our mutual friend. Once we started talking, we figured out where we had come across each other before and realized the many things we had in common.

This is the actual proposal! Not a reinactment! Brad popped the question in Jekyll Island after a good friends wedding. After a long night of dancing at the wedding reception, we took a walk down to the Jekyll river. I suggested that we go sit on a bench by the water and when we got there someone was already sitting at the bench.... the wedding photographer. He told me that the photographer was there to take pictures of us for our recent anniversary... Since I have a degree in photography and LOVE pictures, I was completely clueless and excited to have our picture taken! The next thing I know, he is on one knee with a pretty ring in his hand. I was not expecting it at all as you can see in the pictures! 

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